Pope assassination attempt: in Germany the first documentary

In the documentary there are many important names. The former chief analyst of CIA: «We created the Bulgarian Connection»

Il regista Moritz Enders
Il regista Moritz Enders

The 12 Januray has been on air on the German channel Arte the new documentary on Pope’s assassination attempt, Giovanni Paolo II, directed by Moritz Enders and Werner Köhne and produced by “SD Cinematografica”. Some of the main topics: the role of secret services, the “Bulgarian Connection” and Grey Wolves, with many original interviews and international experts. In preview in entire Italy we have interviewed the director Moritz Enders that reveals in advance some phases of the documentary that will be on air in Italy next may.

How did you have the idea of making a documentary on Pope’s assassination attempt and what news did you find?

«I had the idea in 2005, when a producer asked me to shoot a documentary on the attempt. The subject was absorbing even if I didn’t know much at that time. Luckily in those days I was going to Rome where I bought a book on the incident, L’attentato al Papa, written by the judge Rosario Priore, that I had the chance to meet later. However, like often happens, the project was stopped for budget’s problems, and we couldn’t work until last year when the producer called me and said that we needed to shoot the documentary immediately. In the documentary me and my coworker Werner Köhne want to point out the tie between Grey Wolves, terrorists and secret services. The Italian public may be not surprised by this connection, but in Germany, where people strongly believe in the State government, this is a very important news».

ciaIn your opinion, what was the position of secret services in this situation?

«To understand this situation we have to step back and find out what Grey Wolves did in Turkey before the coup d’état of 1980. In the opinion of Musa Serdar Çelebi, the chief of this organization in Europe, Grey Wolves were infiltrated and used by secret services to start a civil war that would be necessary to justify the coup d’état in the interest of the United States of America. After the attempt Grey Wolves disappeared in all Europe, where in the opinion of the judge Rosario Priore were protected by secret services, especially French’s one and German’s one. We didn’t found any evidence that services were involved in the plan of Pope’s attempt, but they were surely involved in the propaganda after the attempt. Aldo Giannuli, an Italian historian that studies methods used by secret services to condition the public opinion, suggested us that the history of a political crime like Pope’s attempt doesn’t end with the event himself, but somehow start with that, using it for political purpose. We interviewed also Melvin Goodam, that in the days of the attempt was the chief analyst of CIA and had to deal with the Soviet Union. He told us that the CIA created the “Bulgarian Connection”, manipulating it behind the scene».

Francesco Bruno
Francesco Bruno

Someone said that the purpose was to keep the Pope alive. Is that true? And why?

«According to the criminologist Francesco Bruno the intent of Ali Agca wouldn’t be to kill the Pope, but only to hurt him. To verify this hypothesis we went to the center of “Balistica Forense e Analisi della Scena del Crimine”, managed by the professor Martino Farneti. He supposed that if Agca really wanted to kill the Pope he should have pulled the gun to the head or he should have used more harmful bullets. The reason? To understand this we need to consider the geopolitical situation in those years. Europe was divided in two sides of influence, American and Soviet, and they were skating on thin ice. Pope Giovanni Paolo II, fighting the communism, was breaking that ice. This can be a reason that brought to Pope’s attempt? Surely a so independent Pope was a troublesome personality for many political sides and someone (or more than one) felt the necessary to intimidate him».

What is the purpose of the documentary? Do you have in mind other projects for the next months?

«On Pope’s attempt there still are many question marks. With this documentary we tried to rebuilt the case analyzing many hypothesis, but the most important thing for us is that the public must understand that – using the words of the former senator Paolo Guzzanti, which interview is included in the documentary – “there always is a truth behind the truth, and behind the second one there will be a third one”. Our purpose is to attract the interest of people; they should know that what often is sell like a universal truth is just propaganda. We will come back to Italy soon to take care of a case that looks like an international thriller, that interests many system of power and in which may be involved even the secret services. If all goes well we can start shooting in Spring 2016».


This interview was edited by Paolo Mugnai

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